UPEI Athletics and Recreation releases 2012–13 scholarship data

Athletic scholarships play a pivotal role in the attraction and retention of elite student-athletes in a very competitive region and country.
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Posted on Wednesday, 4 June 2014

In the wake of Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) releasing its annual data collection on athletic scholarships valued at $14,589, 012 (14.6 per cent increase from 2011–12), the University of Prince Edward Island announced Wednesday that it provided $326,381 in athletic awards to student-athletes in 2012–13. This represents a 28.5 per cent increase over the amount provided in the 2011–12 season.

Since 2006–07, the CIS has doubled the level of scholarships provided, while UPEI has increased its scholarships by 155 per cent in the same timeframe (UPEI awarded $128,188 in 2006–07).

“We are pleased that we have been able to continue to grow the investment in our student-athletes. Athletic scholarships play a pivotal role in the attraction and retention of elite student-athletes in a very competitive region and country,” said UPEI Director of Athletics and Recreation Bill Schurman. “In order to sustain the commitment to scholarships, we must continue the effort to engage our alumni, as well as the community at large.”

In 2012–13, the average annual scholarship granted to a CIS student-athlete was $3,107, while at UPEI, student-athletes are granted $3,863 on average. Given UPEI’s tuition is amongst the lowest in the country, its student-athletes are receiving a higher percentage of tuition funding than most CIS member institutions.

In 2012–13, the gender breakdown of awards at UPEI was 65.0 per cent to female student-athletes and 35.0 per cent to male, while the CIS statistics showed a near split of 49.0 per cent female to 51.0 per cent male.

Above and beyond athletic scholarships, substantial financial support is available from universities to recognize academic success, financial need, and leadership. In addition, many organizations such as Sport Canada and the Canadian Hockey League provide significant financial assistance to CIS student-athletes.

In 2012–13, a record 73 UPEI student-athletes (37.4 per cent) achieved Academic All-Canadian status after maintaining an academic average of 80.0 per cent or higher while competing for their university, demonstrating the Canadian and Panther commitment to success in the classroom as well as the playing field.

The CIS athletic scholarship data can be found at: http://english.cis-sic.ca/information/members_info/research_stats

For more information on Panther sport visit www.gopanthersgo.ca

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