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The Department of Student Affairs, in partnership with the Student Diversity Office and the UPEI Rainbow Alliance, raised the pride flag on Monday, July 27, 2015 at noon time at the flag plaza near Kelley Memorial Building. A number of senior administrators, including President Abd-El-Aziz and Vice-Presidents Robert Gilmour and Jackie Podger, along with students, staff, and faculty attended the short ceremony. Zak Court, with the Student Diversity Office, greeted everyone on behalf of students while Treena Smith, Manager of Student Affairs, offered a few closing remarks on behalf of the Department of Student Affairs. "It is great to see support for students and for our campus community through the raising of the Pride flag at UPEI," said Smith. "Today's event also serves as a reminder that there are still countries that persecute those who are a different sexual orientation than what they were born as, and to be thankful to live in a country like Canada where diversity is celebrated, in ways such as Pride Week." The raising of the flag recognizes that UPEI supports all of its students, faculty, and staff and celebrates PEI Pride Week, July 27-August 2. PEI...

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