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UPEI’S Centre for Health and Biotech Management Research (CHBMR) is running the first instance in Canada of a web-based addictions treatment program known as CBT4CBT. The pilot program will be run in Lennox Island and Abegweit First Nations communities. CBT4CBT is an award-winning Cognitive Behavioural Therapy developed at the Yale School of Medicine by Dr. Kathleen Carroll. In PEI, CBT4CBT will be run and assessed by a research team from UPEI’s CHBMR, including Dr. Michelle Patterson. “Ever since I first discovered Dr. Carroll’s work with CBT4CBT, I believed it to be an ideal program to offer in Canadian, and particularly First Nation, communities,” said Dr. Patterson. “CBT4CBT has real potential to improve addictions treatment options and enhance the quality of life within the communities of Abegweit and Lennox Island, as well as other rural populations throughout Canada.” Cognitive Behavioural Therapy strives to allow patients to recognize triggers, improve coping mechanisms, and alter the behaviour that leads to substance abuse. CBT4CBT is the first program to offer Cognitive Behavioural Therapy online alongside traditional...

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