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Heritage Canada The National Trust has honoured Dr. Edward MacDonald for his contributions to the study and promotion of Island history with the 2014 Lieutenant Governor’s Award. Dr. MacDonald is a professor of History at the University of Prince Edward. Better known by his students as “Dr. Ed,” Dr. MacDonald has served through his career as an editor, curator, teacher, policy advisor, heritage advocate, media resource, author, poet, and as an outstanding public speaker. From the website of Heritage Canada The National Trust: “Throughout his career, Dr. Edward MacDonald has understood that heritage conservation is about more than preserving bricks and mortar, it is about connecting the broader community to the history of streetscapes, landscapes, and the people who lived in them. As a historian, teacher and volunteer, he has devoted his career, and much of his personal time, to helping his community understand that heritage matters.” The Lieutenant Governor’s Award is one of the National Heritage Awards from Heritage Canada The National Trust for outstanding contributions to their fields. Dr. MacDonald and the other recipients were honoured at a...

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