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Dr. Ian Dohoo, professor emeritus of epidemiology at the Atlantic Veterinary College (AVC) at UPEI, was honoured recently with an honorary doctorate in veterinary medicine by the University of Helsinki in Finland. Dohoo was one of ten people honoured by the University of Helsinki’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine during a three-day celebration that included, among other events, a sword-whetting ceremony, the degree conferment ceremony, a formal ball, and a salute to the rising sun at 4:01 a.m. Helsinki time. Five people from Finland, including Sauli Niinistö, president of the country, and five from other countries were awarded honorary degrees during the event. During the conferment ceremony, Dohoo was presented with the University of Helinski’s insignia of academic rank—a doctoral top hat and a sword. Dohoo received his honorary degree in recognition of his internationally renowned work in veterinary epidemiology—the study of diseases in populations of animals—and his long record of post-graduate teaching in Scandinavia. The presentation was even more meaningful for Dohoo because Dr. Antti Sukura, the current dean of the Faculty of Veterinary...

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