Special congratulations to BEd Kindergarten graduates

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Posted on Thursday, 22 May 2014

UPEI’s Department of Education would like to extend special congratulations to its 84 Bachelor of Education Kindergarten graduates who crossed the stage on May 10.

In 2010, kindergarten moved from private governance into the PEI public school system. Educators working in kindergarten at that time were given a unique opportunity to pursue a modified Bachelor of Education degree specialized for the early years (Kindergarten to Grade 2) through UPEI’s Faculty of Education. These leaders proudly graduated during the May 2014 convocation ceremonies; some expressed their gratitude and experiences through short testimonials (see a few below).

“For somebody that had been in the field of early childhood education for 20 years (including 15 years as a kindergarten teacher in the private sector), the idea of going back to school at the age of 40 was daunting. However, with the knowledge that the majority of kindergarten teachers would be following the same process, and with the wonderful support and guidance given to us by UPEI, I was sure the goal would be attainable. The course was well laid out for us, and although minor adjustments were made throughout the process, we were always well informed and respected as the professionals we were already known to be.” – Anita Smith-LeClair

“For me this was an opportunity of a lifetime. I had taught kindergarten in the public sector for many years. With the support of my husband and family, I entered university in 2011 as a student, a teacher, a wife, a daughter, a sister, and a colleague. The Professors were captivated at the experience and knowledge we kindergarten teachers brought forth. The courses were not necessarily overly difficult, just time consuming! Each course focused on engaging students, differentiated instruction and assessment, which our assignments, presentations, and reflections clearly revealed! Completing my degree was an educational dream. As I am, was and always will be, a teacher!” – Marg Dumville

“Before beginning this adventure, I was a kindergarten teacher in the private sector and now I am a member of a team of teachers within the public school system. When the decision was made to put the Kindergarten into the Public School System, I was both shocked and afraid. This was unknown territory for me and I was concerned about how I would fit into this puzzle. However, it has provided me with an opportunity to reach outside my comfort zone and to learn and grow as a professional.” – Isabel Myers

“J’ai vécu une très belle expérience avec le programme du Bac en Éducation pour la maternelle en français à l’Université de l'Île-du-Prince-Édouard. Les professeurs ont su travailler avec moi pour approfondir les connaissances que j’avais déjà acquises en éducation en offrant des activités intéressantes, stimulantes, et pratiques telles que l’apprentissage par projets, la collaboration entre enseignants, et l’utilisation de la technologie en salle de classe.” – Michelle Ledgerwood

Minister Alan McIsaac applauded the UPEI graduates in a recent news release. “Moving kindergarten into public schools has been one of the largest initiatives undertaken in the history of education in Prince Edward Island,” said Minister McIsaac. “Kindergarten teachers bring a richness of knowledge and experience to the public school system and have helped ensure that the introduction of kindergarten to the school system has been a positive experience in the best interest of Island children.”

Congratulations to all!