UPEI celebrates National Co-op Week

Ling Chen, UPEI Business Co-op Student of the Year; the Honourable Allen Roach, Minister of Innovation and Advanced Learning; standing: Ernie Doiron, UPEI Business Co-op Coordinator; Alex Davidson, UPEI Business Entrepreneurial Co-op Student of the Year; and Heather MacMillan, UPEI Science Co-op Coordinator. The group signed the official proclamation last week to mark this week's National Co-operative Education Week. Submitted photo by the PEI Provincial Government.
The UPEI co-op program motivates students, and encourages them to take a positive step beyond their comfort level.
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Posted on Monday, 17 March 2014

UPEI and the Department of Innovation and Advanced Learning recently signed a proclamation to honour this week, March 17–21, as National Co-operative Education Week. The national week is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of Canadian co-op students.

UPEI’s Co-operative Education Program will celebrate and recognize the accomplishments of its students during its annual awards ceremony on Thursday, March 20 from 11:30 am–1:00 pm in UPEI’s Wanda Wyatt Dining Hall. The ceremony will recognize UPEI co-op students for their accomplishments during co-op work terms. Specific awards include “Co-op Student of the Year” in business, physics, and computer science, as well as “Employer Recognition” awards. Winners of the “Co-op Student of the Year” awards will have demonstrated high academic achievement, a valued contribution to their employer and community, and displayed personal and professional development.

UPEI’s Co-op Coordinators expressed their pride in the program. “The UPEI co-op program motivates students, and encourages them to take a positive step beyond their comfort level,” said Ernie Doiron, business co-op coordinator.

“The program also supports students to take initiative to develop a relevant career path. It progresses learning, maturity, and ambition, while easing the transition from University to the true-life workplace,” added Heather MacMillan, science co-op coordinator.

UPEI is among 130 colleges and universities across Canada that is actively involved in developing their students into workplace professionals through co-operative education. UPEI’s Co-operative Education Program fosters next generation’s leaders, and gives students the opportunity to push themselves, while at the same time, giving back to the local community. Through real-life experience and guidance from employers and co-op coordinators, students gain valuable knowledge and skills that will be used throughout their career upon graduation.

For more information on UPEI’s Co-op Program, visit upei.ca/co-op or email co-op@upei.ca.
For more information on the CAFCE’s National Co-op Week, visit http://www.cafce.ca/en/co-op-week