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Posted on 18 December, 2009
Seven nurses from three Island hospitals graduated today from the first-ever critical care and emergency nursing program offered on Prince Edward Island.
The graduates just completed a 15-week critical care and emergency nursing pilot program at UPEI’s School of Nursing, which involved classroom study, lab simulation and clinical placements. The program manager is Judy Cotton, and the two nurse educators are Tanya Matthews and Mike Mac Donald.
“Through this program, practicing nurses on P.E.I. can develop their professional skills in the areas of critical care and emergency, which will ultimately improve patient care,” says Dr. Kim Critchley, Dean of Nursing. “By offering this first-ever educational opportunity here on P.E.I., we can recruit and retain qualified critical care and emergency nurses in...
Posted on 18 December, 2009

Heather Russell is the winner of the UPEI Staff Achievement Award for 2009. This award recognizes outstanding contributions to University community life and quality of service across campus.
Heather has been a staff member at UPEI for 12 years. Since 2003, she has provided administrative support services to faculty and students in the psychology department, one of the largest departments in the Faculty of Arts. In nominating her for the award, her colleagues praised her unique combination of competence and caring, describing her as “the heart and soul of the department.” In a testimonial from a former student, Heather was commended for going “above and beyond her duty to make students’ academic careers at UPEI fruitful.”
As a volunteer, she has been an integral part of the free lunch programs for students during exam times organized through...

Posted on 17 December, 2009

When UPEI education students returned from their pre-service training this time last year they held a class discussion about the obvious impact of poverty on students in some local schools, and they talked about actions that might make a difference. Christie Chandler, now in second-year Education, has taken that discussion a step further this year by organizing a holiday campaign to collect good quality clothing, non-perishable food items, and personal toiletries to distribute to young people who are in need.

The campaign is concentrating on junior and senior high school students in the Charlottetown area in particular. The schools will distribute the donated items, in a confidential manner, to the students who could most benefit from them. Birchwood and Colonel Gray schools in Charlottetown have been designated as the drop-off points. Anyone with items to donate may deliver...

Posted on 17 December, 2009
Dr. Jason Pearson, an assistant professor of Chemistry in the Faculty of Science, has been awarded more than $40,000 by the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) under its Leaders Opportunities Fund. Dr. Pearson’s research specialty is in the area of quantum chemistry. He uses advanced computer modeling to simulate chemical reactions at the molecular and atomic level.
“This award, in part, allows Dr. Pearson’s lab to buy a vital tool for his research: a high-performance, or super computer,” explains Dr. Katherine Schultz, UPEI’s Vice President of Research and Development. “The CFI’s contribution allows UPEI to innovate in an exciting new area of science.”
The CFI’s mandate is to strengthen the capacity of Canadian universities, colleges, research hospitals, and non-...
Posted on 10 December, 2009

Faculty, staff, and students are advised that if a decision is made at any time to close the UPEI campus, details will be made available as follows:  

Radio Stations:  Announcements will be made on local radio stations by 7:00 a.m. if possible. Stations contacted will be:   CFCY/Magic93, CBC Radio, Radio Canada, K-Rock, Ocean 100, and C102 (Summerside).  

Campus Closure & Alert Line: A message will be recorded, by 7:00 a.m. if possible, on the UPEI Campus Closure & Alert Line. To access this information, please call (902) 894-2882.


Posted on 8 December, 2009
Dr. Joe Velaidum of the University of Prince Edward Island will grapple with the “big” question--the meaning of life--during a provocative podcast on December 15.
Entitled “Attaining Spiritual Heights: The Meaning of Life and the Quest for Transcendence,” the podcast can be heard on December 15 at UPEI is one of 25 Canadian universities participating in the Intellectual Muscle: University Dialogues for Vancouver 2010 podcast series. 
Velaidum’s talk revolves around the inescapable need of people to transcend their "humanness” and the challenges and pitfalls they encounter along the way.
“Given the brute fact of death, what is the point in persisting at trying to rebel against the tyranny of time? Why...
Posted on 8 December, 2009
In the spirit of giving, business students at the University of Prince Edward Island recently donated over 600 non-perishable food items and $150 to the Upper Room Food Bank. 
In mid-November the UPEI Business Society issued a challenge to the undergraduate students in each year, the Master of Business Administration students and the faculty at the School of Business to a competition to collect non-perishable food for the food bank.

From November 16-30, six large boxes—one for each of the four classes, one for MBA students and one for the faculty—were set up in Bill and Marion McDougall Hall, to collect donations. The MBA students won the challenge, collecting about 230 items for the food bank. They also asked the business society to donate $150—the dollar value of their prize—to the food bank....

Posted on 1 December, 2009
The Tourism Research Centre at UPEI has released a report that categorizes pleasure visitors based on the primary reasons for their trip to P.E.I.
Based on results from the 2007/2008 exit survey, the report profiles visitors by six reasons for travel, including holidays/vacations; short getaways; visiting friends and/or relatives; visiting second home, cottage, condo; attending events, festivals and attractions; and for other pleasure. 
The largest percentage of travel parties (38 per cent) visited P.E.I. for a holiday or vacation. This group had the highest prevalence of families and first-time visitors, and tended to visit less frequently than other travel parties. Visitors in this group were most likely to have included P.E.I. as a stop on a larger trip, perhaps one that encompassed the Maritime provinces. They were...
Posted on 1 December, 2009
The public is invited to attend the launch of a documentary video and the opening of a photography exhibition about UPEI’s Master of Education in Leadership in Learning program in Nunavut.
The event takes place on Friday, December 4, at 4 p.m., in the Alex H. MacKinnon Auditorium and Schurman Market Square, Don and Marion McDougall Hall.
During a special Convocation in Iqaluit on July 1, 2009, 21 Inuit educational leaders from across Nunavut graduated with Master of Education Leadership in Learning degrees from UPEI—the first graduate degree program to be offered in Nunavut. Most of the graduates were mature students already working as leaders in their communities. Participants studied part-time over three years through face-to-face courses in Iqaluit and Rankin Inlet combined with online learning. 
Posted on 27 November, 2009
The cold wind blows. The long winter night creeps in. What better way to chase away the winter doldrums than an evening of ideas, discussion, and good cheer?
When: Tuesday, December 1, 7 p.m.
Where: Mavor’s, Confederation Centre of the Arts
Who: Dr. Joe Velaidum, Chair of the Department of Religious Studies, Director of the Centre for Christianity in Culture
Discussion: “The same old arguments of the new atheism movement”
Velaidum says the problem with the proponents of this new brand of atheism, made popular by best-selling authors such as Richard Dawkins("The God Delusion"), is that they “don’t understand religion. They don’t understand faith, or Christianity. They even misunderstand science...
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